Privacy Policy

[1] Handling of information

Takatori Ware Miraku Kiln may collect information of users of this website using the following two methods.

Takatori Ware Miraku Kiln may require users to register a name and email address to access some content on this website. Such information will be used to verify and interact with users when they access services.

Takatori Ware Miraku Kiln uses cookies for collecting information relating to some of the content of this website.
Cookies are stored on the device of the users when the website is accessed. However, the stored information does not include user names, email addresses, or any other data that could reveal the identity of users.

Takatori Ware Miraku Kiln may also make use of cookies for analyzing what kind of services they are interested in and for enabling more effective targeting of advertisements on the web. Users who do not wish to have their information collected using cookies can modify their web browser settings to not accept cookies.
Please understand, however, that if cookies are not accepted, services may not function properly in some cases.

[2] Use of information

Information registered to access certain services is used to help Takatori Ware Miraku Kiln to develop and deliver more compelling and valuable services to users.
Takatori Ware Miraku Kiln will not disclose any personal information to any third party without the prior consent of the persons concerned.
Furthermore, it will never disclose any kind of personal information except if required by the application of a law, or by a legally binding order.

[3] Sharing of information

Information that can be used to confirm the identity of a person who has registered as a user of the website may be shared within Takatori Ware Miraku Kiln and its network when the person wishes to use another Takatori Ware Miraku Kiln service, to provide notification of the fact that the person has previously registered a name and other details.
Of course, such personal information will never be intentionally disclosed to any person or organization that is not approved as a partner of Takatori Ware Miraku Kiln.

[4] Community precautions

Takatori Ware Miraku Kiln will take great care to protect the personal information registered by users of this website.
However, please take care about voluntarily registering personal information on online forums, communities, or other services if that information can be seen by other users. There is a risk that the personal information may be used for unintended purposes.

Like this, please understand that Takatori Ware Miraku Kiln is unable to protect or bear any responsibility for personal information registered on other websites or anywhere else—that is, for any information other than personal information as defined in this Privacy Policy.