Miraku Kiln Guide

Miraku Kiln Guide Miraku Kiln Guide
Miraku Kiln Museum
  • Access
    1-26-62 Takatori, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka
  • Hours
    10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Closed
    Irregular days off(Reservaton required in Sundays and public holidays)
  • Tel.
    +81 92-821-0457
  • 1F
    Showroom & Sales, Ceramics Classroom
  • 2F
    Historical Works Exhibition Space,
    “Seijakkyo” Tea Room
Climbing Kiln Climbing Kiln
Climbing Kiln
The foundation of the old climbing kiln that remains at Miraku Kiln was built in the 1700s. It was in this kiln that many successive generations of Miraku Masters fired their works right up until the late Showa period.
Due to a fire prevention regulation resulting from the urbanization of the surrounding area, the climbing kiln is no longer used. Nevertheless, the kiln is lovingly preserved as a cultural legacy and an important element of the history and tradition of Takitori ware.
“Rankoan” Tea House “Rankoan” Tea House
“Rankoan” Tea House
This tea house was constructed in the post-World War II period by Yoshitaro Kamei, the grandfather of Miraku Kamei XV, utilizing scrap wood, since procuring materials was difficult at this time. Typical of Yoshitaro, who declined to inherit the Miraku title, preferring to dedicate himself to the paths of calligraphy and tea, the tea house is very artistically designed. A highlight of the room is the alcove pillar (tokobashira). It is said that the alcove pillar was originally one of pillars of the old main entrance archway (torii) of Hakozaki-gu Shrine, where Toyotomi Hideyoshi once held a tea party. The authenticity of the pillar was confirmed by the chief priest of the shrine. The tea house is normally closed, but in December each year when Miraka Kiln opens to the public, visitors can attend tea ceremonies and inspect the tea house.

Pottery classes

  • ■ Hand-crafting "Ceramics Experience". Easy Go plan.

    It is "complete reservation system" from the “Contact us”.
    Why don't you experience a relaxing pottery experience in a quiet workshop.
    Miraku Kiln has a history of 400 years since it opened, and it is also known as a Kuroda clan kiln, and it is succeeded to today.
    The instructor will be Miraku Kamei XV, who inherited tradition and technology.
    "We will teach each customer individually, so even if you are new to pottery, please participate with peace of mind."

  • ■ Express yourself freely! A two-hour experience plan
    that heals the soil and releases your heart!

    It is highly recommended for those who are new to pottery, as it allows you to fully enjoy the feel of the soil and has a high degree of freedom.
    We look forward to meeting many people through pottery.
    To make an application, please make a reservation from the "Contact us" home on this site.