The essence of Enshu Takatori
Katatsuki Tea Caddies

Katatsuki (“shouldered”) tea caddies represent
the pinnacle of the Takatori ware technique.
Numerous warlords would sacrifice everything
for the beauty and art they desired.

Products of fortuitous coincidence
Clays, Glazes, Techniques

Fine clays from the Edo period,
natural glazes produced in Kyushu, and techniques transmitted through
the generations, one person at a time.
It is this miraculous trinity that gives rise to the peerless tradition of Takatori ware.

Art has no manual
Creation Process

Immersed in the art of tea ceremony ceramics,
master artisans pour their personal sensibilities
into each and every process, enhancing and
refining their skills continually.

Heritage and future vision
Miraku, Master Ceramicist

The constant challenge of innovative expression, always preserving tradition.
Look at the works of successive generations of Miraku masters,
who have always looked to the past to find inspiration for the new,
drawing on over 400 years of history.

Tradition embodied in works of art
The Art of
Tea Ceremony Ceramics

The Japanese aesthetics of entertaining guests using artistic tea utensils.
Since the tea ceremony was established in the late 15th century,
tea ceremony ceramics have incorporated
the accumulated refinements of a long history.